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Les 3 Brasseurs

48 avenue François Mitterand Centre commercial Auchan
59494 Petite-Forêt
Telefoon : 03 27 09 99 29
  • Les 3 Brasseurs 1 - Petite-Forêt
  • Les 3 Brasseurs 1 - Petite-Forêt
Fervent follower of beers, who is brown, blonde or amber? Look no further, the 3 Brasseurs is for you! Combining the craft of each of the beers on offer, with the delicacy of each dish proposed, this restaurant is here to fill your hungry wolf. With a color-coded system for each proposed beer, the 3 Brewers put the dishes in the big ones in order to marry the best your dish and your beer, this allowing to complete the tasting of the dishes proposed by the restaurant. Finally, a menu small brewer allows you to bring with you, all the members of your family, from the smallest to the oldest. It also provides free Wi-Fi access for these guests and adapts to wheelchair users.
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